Equine Statistics - NYS

197,000 Equines in NYS

- 87,000 Pleasure (54%)

- 11,100 Lessons

- 27,000 Competition (14%)

 - 14,500 Racing

- 26,900 Breeding

- 4,700 Speciality

- 25,800 Other

Equine Related Expenditures

- $2.06 billion: operating & capital

 - $10,457 per equine

 USDA National Agricultural Statistice Service, 2005

Economic Impact

•The NY horse industry has a $4.8 billion annual impact on our state’s economy and produces goods and services valued at $2.4 Billion annually

•The national industry has a $4.8 Billion impact on the NY economy

•258,100 New Yorkers are involved in the industry as:
Owners, Service Providers, Employees, Volunteers and Spectators

•The Industry provides 35,773 FTE jobs in New York

•NY is the home of 9 Racetracks

•There are over 1,000 thoroughbred breeders and 400 thoroughbred breeding farms throughout the state

•The thoroughbred industry creates over 30,000 jobs and accounts for 55% of the equine industry’s contribution to the NYS GDP

•Six of the 40 National Horse Shows of 1996 were held in New York

•The median income of the average horse owner is $36K to 60K per year

The Western New York Chapter of the New York State Horse Council